Riverdale Season 2: How Joaquin & Kevin’s Relationship Will Evolve

The most excruciating cliffhangers Riverdale‘s first season left us with was the Goodbye of Kevin and Joaquin’s. They broke when Joaquin left, it seemed premature, and fans are holding out hope that they’ll get back together.

While  Kevin wasn’t seen too much in season 1, he’s been made a series regular, which means hopefully, their relationship will grow. In a recent interview with TV Source Magazine, Rob Raco, who plays Joaquin, gave us another encouraging sign.

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Romance of Joaquin and Kevin “becomes less and less forbidden,” he said. “But as the connection grows, so do the underlying secrets.” There was another question to him if there could be a love triangle, given Kevin’s history with Moose, but it sounds like there won’t be. “As sexy as this sounds for these characters, I think Joaquin would be very defensive with sharing his man,” Rob said.

He also talked about the importance of having a same-sex love story like this on TV. “This is my favorite thing about this show,” he said. “Being a heterosexual man myself, portraying Joaquin as confident with his sexuality as I am with mine has been incredible. It’s inspirational to me. It’s fearless. Nothing is forced, nothing seems fake, Love is the only truth, no matter how you title it. Our writing staff has done an incredible job nailing this.”


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