Wonder Woman Movie Review: A Much Needed Blockbuster For DC Movies.

The franchise was desperately waiting for a big hit and Wonder Woman is the movie DC was waiting for. After the failure of Man of Steel, BvS, Suicide Squad, fans were really disappointed and they never got to see what the true potential of DC superheroes. And what Batman trilogy did to DC, Wonder Woman has done the same thing. It will take the franchise to new heights. So, what is it all about? Let’s find it out.

The movie keeps you engaged and you will fall in love with Wonder Woman. The movie has all the elements in it.



Wonder Woman is from the hidden island of Themiscyra. Ever since Diana (Wonder Woman) was a kid, she was told stories about their origin by her mother. All the women in the hidden island were by God to defeat the god of war. One day the plane of a British spy (Chris Pine) crashes and this is how he gets to know about the Amazons and their hidden island. He tells his story and explains how millions of people have died because of the world war. Diana decides to go with him believing that there is Ares, The God of War who is doing all this and making people fight with each other. She literally expects to fight a god. She leaves her island to fight the God of war, but once she gets to the frontline of war, she finds that there is no such thing. She grapples with the truth of modern war.


The casting of the movie is another plus point. All the characters have done justice with their roles.


All the action sequences are spectacular and look good on the big screen. Gal Gadot is sweet but also proves that she can be a badass. She had gone through the martial training for 6 months and she has done a tremendous work. It’s hard to imagine Wonder Woman without Gal Gadot. The stunt choreography is at its best.



Wonder Woman is the superhero movie we all need. It doesn’t only have grand action sequences but it also has good entertaining moments. In general, we don’t see much humor, witty lines, and jokes in DC movies but Wonder Woman has it all. It has all the elements in it and apart from that, it has a good storyline too. There is a majority of people who aren’t aware of Wonder Woman’s origin, but once you see it, you will fall in love.


1. Gal Gadot has done a terrific job in the movie and she surely wins our hearts.

2. The moments between Chris Pine, Gal Gadot, and their small crew who go to the front line of the world war. They share a good bonding and it’s fun to watch.

3. Stunt choreography is superb and the CGI effects, slo-mos are well done.

4. The unexpected plot twist during the climax


None I would say as I totally enjoyed the movie.

Final word: Overall Wonder Woman is a highly entertaining movie and keeps you engaged. The movie lives up to the expectation and doesn’t disappoint.

Rating: 4/5

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