These Wedding Fails Prove That Your Big Day Is Not Always Memorable.

No matter how hard you plan for your wedding but there are few things that are bound to go wrong. Having a perfect wedding is something all couples wish for but it doesn’t take time for their big day to change in complete disaster. I’m sure you might have attended marriages where things might have gone wrong even after planning and if you haven’t been to such weddings, here we have listed some epic marriage fails that will make you laugh and cry at once.

Couples who are going to get married, double check the things you have planned for your day as these 12 wedding fails prove that your big day can be a complete disaster any time. 

1. Holy***t

2. You had 50-50 chance and you screwed up

3. When you were decorating your bed for Christmas then realized you just got married

4. Lol who did this, Haha!

5. Oops!

Wonder if her dress gonna stay with her once grandpa is done skating on her dress.

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