The Internet Is Going Crazy Over “How To Talk To Short People Memes”

I was just checking my news feed and scrolling through the pages then I saw a meme on “How to talk to short people”, after few hours I saw another one and it was hilarious. Well, not all people are finding it hilarious and short people are definitely getting offended, but not all of them. Here we have collected all the “How to talk to short people” memes and they are spot on. Wonder what’s gonna happen if we actually implement the ways described in the memes. Let’s take a look at the memes!

Don’t know how to talk to short people? Here we have got the solution for you 😀

1. Quite innovative, isn’t it?

2. Well, not gonna work if you want to have long conversations

3. And this form of gymnastic should be in olympics, what do you think?

4. What if the person is too heavy? Umm, nahhh, not gonna work

5. This one went too far 😀 

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