Stranger Things Producer Is Selling Original Sci-Fi Series to FOX

Stranger Things executive producer Karl Gajdusek has given an original Sci-fi script to FOX, marking a growing push for more sci-fi shows from the network. A month before, they unveiled trailers for a number of their new fall efforts, including The Orville, a Star Trek-inspired hour-long dramedy from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane; Ghosted, a supernatural sitcom starring Craig Robinson (The Office) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation); and, of course, The Gifted, their upcoming series based on Marvel’s X-Men properties.

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Stranger Things was a great hit last summer, which had a team of ragtag pre-teens on their mission to save their friend from the Upside Down’s monster-ridden underworld. Even with very less promo, it quickly spawned a rabid fan base and a much-anticipated season 2 renewal, so it makes sense that Gajdusek’s involvement would make him a hot commodity for FOX.

As per the deadline Deadline, some details have been made available about Gajdusek’s new project outside of the fact that it is under construction. It was auctioned under the title Courage, but there will be a change in the name. The premise, too, is being kept under wraps, though it’s said to be a character-based sci-fi drama in the vein of Inception and Edge of Tomorrow

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This is a very minimal description which isn’t offering much, though it seems to be more serious in tone than some of its sister shows: both The Orville and Ghosted appear to veer more comedy than drama. While Stranger Things leaned heavily on lighthearted nostalgia, there were certainly darker elements at work, and Gajdusek’s series may allow him to explore those aspects in more depth.

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That would certainly align with the bulk of his work thus far. Outside of Stranger Things, he’s written 2011 crime thriller Trespass, 2013 post-apocalyptic flick Oblivion — which he co-wrote with Michael deBruyn — and 2014 action spy film The November Man. He also co-created short-lived military drama Last Resort, which played for one season on ABC. Most of those credits weren’t well received, which isn’t a vote of confidence for his writing, but given the success of Stranger Things, Gajdusek’s project could very well be another strong new addition to the TV sci-fi slate. With such little information available, it’s difficult to call right now, but at the very least, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

There is no announcement of further details but wet will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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