Spider-Man: Homecoming Concept Art Sees Peter Battle “The Avengers”

Within a month, the world will witness another round of Spider-Man goodness. It will be a return of Tom Holland to theaters to reprise his role as Peter Parker following his debut in Captain America: Civil War. The standalone film will see the teenage hero return to high school after scrapping with the Avengers, but his time with Captain America isn’t done – not yet.

Fans have been introduced to new concept artwork for Spider-Man: Homecoming. The various images show Spider-Man and the Vulture as they prepare to battle, but one out of those images which are catching eyes. One sketch shows Spider-Man duking it out with New York’s B-list Avengers. That is, it sees the hero knocking out some bank robbers wearing face masks modeled after Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Already, fans have got the introduction to the knockoff Avengers crew thanks to the film’s trailers. In the first footage, Spider-Man was seen approaching the criminals, and Peter made a snarky remark about the Hulk. Spider-Man said his inclusion gave the gig up because none of the criminals were giant hulking rage monsters.

spider-man avengers

You can see all the concept art in the Pictures below. The pieces give fans an up-close look at the Vulture and his mechanical wings as he looks preparing for battle. Several posted images of Spider-Man can also be seen including one which spotlights the hero’s high-tech suit.












Picture Credits: Marvel


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