Secrets Behind Famous Magic Tricks Are Now Revealed !

We all love magic shows and every time we see it, we get amazed and many different questions arises in our mind like – is it possible? How does he do it? All the questions will be answered today. All the secrets behind the famous magic tricks will be unfolded in front of you in this article.

Here are some of the famous magic tricks and how they are performed!

1. Body Divided Into Two Pieces

Image result for saw a woman in half


Now, you know that actually there are two women and not one to make this trick possible.

2. Lady In The Air


Image result for magic tricks revealed

The lady is lying on a rod which is supported by another rod and can be seen only when magician moves his legs.

3. Cutting The Legs

Image result for secrets to magic tricks

This picture clearly explains how this magic trick is performed and now no need to get amazed when you see this magic trick again.

4. Making You Fly


Famous Magic Tricks Secret Revealed

This is the most common magic trick used in many of the magic shows but before this, we didn’t know how the magicians do this.

5. Sitting On Air

Famous Magic Tricks Secret Revealed

This is how they sit on these chairs and makes you feel like they are sitting on the air.

6. Curve Blocks


Famous Magic Tricks Secret Revealed

The trick is very clearly explained in the picture above. You yourself can make your friends amazed by this trick.

These were the truths behind the most famous magic tricks of all time which always amazed us. But you won’t feel amazed if you see these tricks again as now you know what exactly the magician is doing to fool the audience. If you found this article interesting and if you think that others should also know about these tricks, then don’t forget to share this article and keep visiting for reading more interesting stories and articles.


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