‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star, Julie Lake, Looks Completely Different From Her character, Angie Rice!

Lake plays the role of Angie Rice in the hit Netflix show, an unfortunate-looking drug addict who has a set of teeth that can only de described as horrendous.

But in her real life pictures, even hardcore fans are not able to recognize her.

In an event, when a group of the show’s stars was out to the public, a fan had no idea who Lake was and even asked her to hold the camera and take pictures while the fan posed with the other actresses.

The transformation from Julie Lake to Angie Rice may be extreme, but it actually doesn’t take very long.

Lake as Angie in Orange is the New Black.

“I wish I could say it takes three hours to make me look hideous, but it’s probably like … the makeup alone is two minutes and the hair is 20,” Lake told toofab.

Julie Lake at the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“It’s amazing how hideous you look with bad teeth. I remember the first time they did it I looked in the mirror and smiled and burst out laughing. It was just endlessly amusing to me at first.

Julie Lake out of character.

“The teeth [are] really fast. They have a palate of colors that’s like tobacco stain, nicotine, coffee, dark greens, yellows, and browns, it’s disgusting. Then they just paint it on, it’s like 30 seconds tops, let it dry and good to go.”


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