Marvel’s Spider Man Retells Origin Story In New Cartoon Series Of Marvel!

With the different iterations of Peter Parker in comics, games, movies, cartoons, and more, the moment a radioactive spider bites the young Peter while on a field trip is in the permanent memory of anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Spider-Man. That doesn’t stop Marvel’s new Spidey cartoon from revisiting it.

But this time around, Peter’s origin retelling will not actually be part of the main show—simply titled Spider-Man. Instead, it’s featured in a series of animated shorts that will be released by Disney on YouTube in the run up to the actual debut of the series on Disney XD this Summer. The first, premiered by Entertainment Weekly today, gives us the actual moment of Spider-biting history, while the rest will presumably fill in other aspects of Peter’s early days as the web slinger.

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For fans regularly doused in all things Spider-Man, sometimes it’s easy to assume that people exit the womb have the knowledge of greater power bringing greater responsibility with it, along with all the other pop culture factoids we’re all familiar with—Darth Vader is Luke’s Dad, Bruce Wayne’s parents got murdered, that sort of thing. But I guess with Disney XD going back to the basics and the earliest parts of Spider-Man’s origins, it makes sense to re-establish all this for the intended younger audiences. If anything, it makes clear that this is a new Spider-Man story and universe, rather than being based in one of the myriad other Spider-Man-related projects that have been floating around lately.

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 All six Spider-Man cartoon shorts will hit Disney XD’s YouTube channel daily between July 24 and July 29, ahead of the show itself premiering on the channel later this summer.


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