How to Raise a Feminist Son!

Girls are always taught to fight for their rights and how to get make your dreams come true but we never teach our boys to be a feminist. For bringing equality it is important to give boys the same number of choices as girls are given for encouraging them to become whatever they want to be.

Here are the ways to raise such kind of sons!

1. Let The Boys Cry!

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Boys are always taught to hide their feelings right from early age. To make him a better person let him show his emotion.

2. Give Your Son Role Models

A father is a hero in a girl’s life. He is a role model for her. Become a role model for boys as well to make the feel the same.

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3. Let him Be Himself

Don’t try to teach too many manners and put pressure on him to formalize him from the very beginning. Let him enjoy for some time too.

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