Get Relief From Headache Without Any Pill In Just 5 Minutes!

Sometimes, we suffer from a severe headache and no pill seems to work. Even if it works, sometimes pills have other harmful effects on our health. So, what should we do when we are suffering from a headache? Just apply this scientific trick which we are going to share with you which will help you in getting rid of a headache in just 5 minutes!


Here is that scientific technique to get relief from a headache!

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Proper Way Of Massaging The Acupuncture Points

The most important thing is to relax by sitting in a comfortable position. This message will not consume much time as it normally takes a minute or less on an average to massage one point. You need to press them very lightly and gently or you can use circular movements on points and your headache will disappear very quickly.

There Are Six Main Points Which You Need To Massage In This Process


The Yintang point also called as the third eye, is situated right between the eyebrows and this point also affects eye fatigue removal.

There are two of these which are located at right at the inner base of eyebrows. It also helps in getting rid of running nose. It needs just 1-minute massage.


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