Fear The Walking Dead Brought Someone That Everyone Thought Was Dead.

On Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead, a character that was missing since the finale of Season 2 reappeared. Can you guess who that character is? Yes, it’s Daniel Salazar.

Even though it seemed like Daniel Salazar died but It wasn’t really a surprise in the show. When he set fire to the refugee house in Mexico, we didn’t see his body, and as we know, we shouldn’t really believe anyone dead until we see a corpse.


The showrunner Dave Erickson already had given up on even teasing that Salazar might come back before Season 3 premiered. It will be interesting to find out what he’s up to and what are his plans. He showed up in the final moments of “TEOTWAWKI”. The scene shows him bringing the bottle of water for Strand and reminding him that he told him once that he’d be his “guardian angel.”


It’s little hard to tell what Salazar is really up to from the scenes. He tells Strand “I knew you’d drink it all” when he drinks water from the bottle. As he also said that he would be his guardian angel, which means he is going to help him.

The executive producer of the show Dave Erikson said at the Fear the Walking Dead panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin. “Daniel is back and we have been looking forward to keeping him in the show for a long time. The upcoming episode is actually a very Daniel-centric episode. We’ll get to know a lot of information about where he’s been, what happened to him and how did he find his way to the dam.”

So, how excited are you about this news? Salzar’s fan will definitely have a good time and will enjoy his presence on screen.


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