Can You Guess Which One Is The Mom In The Following Pics?

With new anti-aging technologies and cosmetic surgeries in the modern world, it is getting harder and harder to guess someone’s age based on how they look. Let us go through some of the most baffling pics in which differentiating mother and daughter(s) is really tough and technically impossible in some cases.

The answers are given below every picture so make sure you do not get tempted to look for the answer right away…..

Lets begin now:

1.  Tough luck..Eh?

Ennis, 25, and Shantol, 26, with their mother, Althea, 41 (center)

2. How about this one?

Actress Xenia Rappoport, 42, (left) with her daughter Aglaya, 22

3. Okay, this one is a bit easier than the ones before

Bayan Yessentayeva, 43, (right) with her daughter Aissaule, 20

4. Will two pics help?

Georgie Smedley, 44, (right) with her daughter Jazz, 21

5.  They look just the same!!

TV presenter Julia Bordovskih, 47, (right) with her daughter Masha, 18

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