Biggest Mysteries Of The World Which Are Still Unsolved!

Life is full of mysteries. Some are solved with time while others remain mysteries for always and keep the interest on. But there are some mysteries in this world which are both scary and interesting at the same time and we still haven’t got the clarity of those mysteries.

Here are some of the biggest mysteries which are still unsolved!

1. The Abominable Snowman

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There are claims of the gigantic creature in the Himalayas which is a mix of a human and an ape. Some call it Yeti and others have given it the name of the Bigfoot. It looks more of like just a rumor but there are people who claim that they have seen it.

2. Bermuda Triangle

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It is also called as Devils Triangle, where many ships and Aircraft have gone disappeared. Scientists have tried to unfold this mystery but got no clear answers.

3. Lochness Monster

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The existence of this long-necked monster is claimed for the ages in the Loch Ness of Scottish islands but just like Bigfoot, it seems more of a rumor.

4. The Taos Hum

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A low-frequency humming sound was complained by the people of Taos and nearby cities in the 1950’s but the source of the sound could not be traced. There are many weird theories behind it but this mystery is still a mystery.


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