A Photo Editor Recreated The Covers Of 10 Steamy Hot Romance Novels And They Are Hilarious!

For a romance novel, it’s necessary to have a cover that should look appealing and readers should be attracted before even opening the novel. You might have seen a lot of novel covers which are printed in a s3xual way and this is one of the things readers find appealing. Because regular covers are very simple and people hardly notice them. Here we are going to talk about a photographer and photo editor Kathleen Kamphausen, who gave tough competition to popular covers of romance novels. He has done it in the most hilarious way possible. Keep scrolling to see the awesome and hilarious recreations.

Here are the top 10 recreations of romance novel covers. These recreations are hilarious!

1. Enchanted Paradise 

What a nice way to enchant the Paradise 😀

2. The shadow and the star 

Well, the girl wasn’t serious in this one.

3. el Hombre de mis Sueños 

So much dedication.

4. Savage Thunder 

Nailed it. Definitely a savage thunder.

5. Rogue 

Oh yeah, you the man.

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