A Fan Made Trailer About Voldemort’s Life Just Got Picked Up By Warner Bros And It Will Make You Crave For Harry Potter Prequel!

Harry Potter series is something all 90’s kid grew up watching. Years have passed but still, people talk about the Harry Potter movies and books every day. It’s been more than nine years since the series came to an end. Harry Potter fanbase is stronger than iron and the story of the ‘boy who lived’ still continues to stir nostalgia our hearts.
Recently a video on YouTube went viral which was a fan made trailer on Voldemort’s life and it doesn’t look like it was made by fans. The filming is so professional and looks like a real movie trailer.


The trailer is so good that it got actually picked up by Warner Bros. and it will be a full feature film. It didn’t take much time for the trailer to get viral. It then caught Warner Bros’ attention and after a lot of meetings, WB gave these Potterheads the best gift ever.


This movie trailer is a fan made trailer about Voldemort’s life and it describes the story of Tom Riddle’s history and transition into ‘He who must not be named’. We don’t know when this movie is going to release but it surely has given the best news to Potterheads and the movie will introduce a lot of new characters.

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