LION Review: Two Movies In A Single Movie

Making a movie on a true story has always been tough. Especially for a first time director. Lion is based on a true story and it is based on a book. It’s a journey of a man who was lost in childhood and finds his way back to home when he is all grown up.

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Story: At the age of 5, Sunny Pawar who is playing the character of Saroo goes to a railway station with his brother Guddu. Guddu is searching for a work and ask Saroo if he can come with him but the little kid is too tired to accompany him. Guddu promises that he will come back the next day and asked him to wait. Saroo is already tired and gets little scared at night so he decides to get on an empty train and falls asleep. When he wakes up he realizes that he is on a moving train and it’s all empty. There are no passengers on the train. This lead to the adoption of the young boy and rest you can watch the movie to find out his fate.



Let’s start with the talented kid Sunny Pawar. It’s his first movie and he is just incredible in the movie. His acting is so realistic and his skills can overshadow top actors. He is surely a magnificent and effortlessly charming child actor.

Dev Patel who is playing the role of grown up Saroo(Sunny Pawar). He is just getting better with every movie. Unsurprisingly he is terrific in the movie and takes the second half to a whole new level. Though the story disconnects when the young Saroo becomes an adult, but it still holds the film well.

Nicole Kidman has done justice with her role. Her bonding with Dev Patel is great.

Verdict: All the casts, plot, storyline are fantastic BUT,

Garth Davis, the director of the movie, has followed the path of Slumdog Millionaire. For some reason, he focused more on highlighting India’s poverty in the first half. There are scenes which are unnecessary and they are dragged for no reason. There are loopholes, unexplained scenes and much more. First half could have been done in 40 mins but it’s dragged an hour long. It builds the emotional connection well but then it loses its potential after some time. There are two different movies in Lion and the second half is completely different. Entire first half is in Hindi and the second half shows a luxurious life of an adopted kid who is dying to find the place where he was born.


Overall, Lion is a good movie and the journey is worth watching. The actors have done a good job but the screenplay writers couldn’t do well. The movie fails to engage throughout and this cinematic experience could have been better.

Rating: 3/5


The journey of the character connects well

Young Sunny Pawar has done a great job

The soundtrack of the movie is good

The first half is completely in Hindi and English viewers are finding it beautiful. They are impressed by Sunny Pawar and his dirtier sad life is making everyone fall in love with him.

The real footage of Saroo meeting his family after 25 years



The makers should have shown the elder Saroo first

The editing could have been crisp

Sometimes it seems too long and it has many dull moments

The flashbacks in the movie are not used well



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