Watch How Kristen Stewart Taking Down Donald Trump’s Creepy Tweets About Her In One Go.

The Twilight girl, Kristen Stweart has publicly responded to Donald Trump’s tweets and his obsession with her. We all know that she had on and off relationship with Robert Pattinson, and then they finally broke up in 2012. Right after the breakup, Donald Trump made a series of tweets about her.

Take a look at the first tweet Trump made.


He didn’t stop right there and continued tweeting. He also wrote about her ex-boyfriend. This all happened in 2012 but see how perfectly Kristen Stewart replied his tweets in the video below.

Watch: Kristen Stewart’s epic reply to Donald Trump’s creepy tweets

In her monologue for Saturday Night Live, Stewart showed his love for the president. This is how Kristen started the show:

” Four years ago, I was dating a guy named Robert and then we broke up for some reason, and then we got back together but I don’t know how it made our president go insane, that’s crazy, right? I guess Donald Trump is not a big fan of me, and Mr. Trump, if you didn’t like me then, you are really probably not gonna like me today, ’because I’m hosting SNL and I’m, like, so gay, dude.”

Here are the tweets from Trump that show how obsessed he is with Kristen Stewart.




I really wish that Trump sees the crap he did back then in 2012. And one thing is sure, he is not only obsessed with her but he also showed interest towards Robert Pattinson. This is not the first time we are noticing Trump’s obsession for someone, he was also behind Barack Obama for years. He asked him for the birth certificate and got an amazing response from Obama.

Thanks Kristen for making 2017 somewhat good and shutting up Donald Trump. More power to her 🙂


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