This Is Why Some People Will Never Like Your Facebook Posts.

The biggest lie you tell yourself is that you have 500 friends on Facebook. First of all, they are not your friends, you just know a lot of people. Trust me, you have only 5 friends on Facebook, but still, since they are in your friend list, they can see all your activities and posts. But there is one question that you would have asked yourself several times, and that’s “why does this person doesn’t like my posts on Facebook?”

Are you feeling ignored on Facebook? These are the main reasons why some people will never like your posts, pictures or any activities. Let’s have a look!

1. Jealousy

The simplest reason is jealousy. They are jealous of your lifestyle and don’t really appreciate the things you do on Facebook.


2. Because you are annoying

You may not realize but your frequent posts can be annoying to others. It’s not necessary to do the Facebook check-in every single time.


3. Visibility 

If you write plain texts, there are high chances that it might be ignored. Plain texts have less visibility factor and the majority of users scroll the page down without even taking a look.


4. They like to hide recent activities

Sometimes people don’t want to let others know about their recent activities and choose not to like your posts and pictures. Not liking your posts is another way of hiding you from their friends. Well, I’m not sure why people would do that but a lot of people do this hiding thing.


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