Facebook Is All About Showing Fun Not HAVING FUN.

Over the past few years, Facebook has become a place where you spend most of your precious time. There are people who just keep scrolling up and down, laugh at latest memes and then there are some who like to show off. Everyone on Facebook looks like they have an amazing job, they are adventurous and always busy in partying and you feel sad for not being one of those kinds. Let me tell you that the Facebook wall tells the biggest lies. Nobody is as happy as their wall claims.

Let’s take a look at these 7 things that people hide and let me show it to you that we all are same and your popular Facebook friend might be the loneliest one in reality.

1. Showing fun Vs Having fun

The definition of fun has been changed and it really doesn’t matter if you are actually having fun or not. For example, let’s say you went to a bar where you spent 3 hours and took 3-4 pictures. When you upload it on Facebook it all show that you had a great time even if you didn’t have. You captured moments, and moments can be created, like poses for pictures. So the people out there who actually enjoy a lot in parties or with friends, but never upload pictures, you don’t really have to feel sad when someone is faking off on Facebook with the great pictures the took. Trust me their lives are not as awesome as the pictures suggest.


2. More the photos on Facebook the more lonelier you are

This may not be 100% true as there are some people who like to capture every moment of their lives. But from the experience, I can tell that I’ve seen people who actually have fun with friends and they don’t have time to take pictures. On the other hand, there are people who take 30 pictures, delete 10, upload 3 after having a serious discussion and asking if they need to be tagged in those pictures. Yes, I’m talking about girls here.


3. Using filters is nothing but hiding yourself from reality

There was a time when only Photoshop had filters for pictures. Now they are attached to phone cameras, Instagram, Snapchat and other photo editors, why? Because they know your need and also know that how scared you are from showing your reality. Taking dozens of pictures, deleting them as they were not looking good, well, you can’t help yourself. It’s you and you gotta deal with that, it’s your face and you can’t really change that. A smile without the filter can be as beautiful as you expect when we say a ‘beautiful smile’. So, it’s time to face the reality. Would you dare to post a picture of yourself where you look like you look most of the times?


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