Do You Know Why VLC Player Uses Traffic Cone As It’s Logo? The Reason Is Quite Funny And Interesting

 VLC media player is undoubtedly the best player you can have on your computer. It’s free, reliable and compatible with many file formats. But have you ever wondered why they use a traffic cone logo? Whenever I’m traveling and see a traffic cone on the roads, it always reminds me of VLC media player. I never really thought why do they use traffic cone as a logo, but then I really had to google it as I was really anxious to know. Well, now you have come here, you don’t have to google it or make any further researches. Just keep scrolling and you will get your answer.

The reason behind the VLC player logo is simple and doesn’t have any hidden meanings. And yes, it doesn’t mean Very Large Cone :p

VLC used to stand for ‘VideoLAN Client’ when VLC was a client of VideoLAN project. And since VLC is no longer merely a client, that abbreviation doesn’t really apply. It was originally developed by students at the École Centrale Paris, it is now developed by contributors from all over the world, and is coordinated by the VideoLAN, a non-profit organization. 

VLC Media Player uses a traffic cone as it’s logo because the students who created the program had a traffic cone collection. 


One day, the students from the École Centrale University, Paris, who were working on the VLC project came back drunk with a cone. Then they started collecting these traffic cones and used to keep them in a computer lab. When the students finished the software, they decided to choose a traffic cone for VLC’s icon in the memory of École Centrale’s students.
But the VideoLAN that currently owns VLC has no official connection with the École Centrale students anymore, and VideoLAN doesn’t really wanna speak up about the history behind the VLC logo, but the traffic cone collection story is absolutely true. Well, let VideoLAN be quiet about the origin of the logo but this simple and unique icon is quite catchy and we all love it.


The player also has a hidden Santa hat icon that appears one week before Christmas. I hope VLC is always free :p, It’s surely the best media player one can ever get.

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