15 Famous Cartoon Characters And Their Lookalikes In Bollywood.

You might have seen famous cartoon characters and their lookalikes in real life, but do you know that our Bollywood is filled with cartoons too? Well, they are not exactly cartoon characters but you won’t believe that some famous animated characters do have lookalikes in Bollywood. The resemblance is spot on. We posted a pic of Ram Kapoor and Fred Flinstone on our official Facebook page that got a good amount of likes and we thought of making a full series. Ever wondered what your favorite Bollywood actor would look like as a cartoon character? Let’s find them

Here are the famous cartoon characters with their famous lookalikes from Bollywood. Keep scrolling 😉

1. Fred Flinstone and Ram Kapoor

This one was hard to ignore. The resemblance is truly stunning.

2. Salman Khan and He-Man

Bhai is better, we all know that :p

3. Feroz Khan and Gru

If you have watched Welcome and Despicable Me, I guess you would have noticed the similarities between Gru and Feroz Khan.

4. Darsheel Safary and Bugs Bunny

Nothing more to add :p

5. Aladdin and Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor looks no lesser than our beloved Aladdin.

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