Roger Federer: The King Of Grand slam, Beats His Old Rival Rafael Nadal To Win 18th Grand Slam Title

Roger Federer, the king of Grand Slam does it again. He defeated his old and kind of his favorite rival, Rafael Nadal to win this title. He won the set by 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 that lasted for three hours and thirty-eight minutes. The joy of six surely cheered him up by making the winner. He won this title with a thrilling five-set victory over Nadal in the finals of Australian Open.


Federer had last won a Major title prior to this at 2012 Wimbledon. Now He is the only man in history who has won five or more titles at three different Grand Slam events. He has won five Australian Opens, five US Opens and seven Wimbledons titles. Nadal also gave a tough fight, but it was Federer who stole the show. He knew what was he doing and he needed this title at any cost. It’s always a treat to watch these two old rivals. Right after the game, Nadal said, ” Today I worked hard and fought a lot, but probably Federer deserved it more than me.” After winning the game Federer broke in tears and said that he knows everyone works very hard, but he doesn’t like to shout about it.

See how Roger Federer felt after winning the game

All we can say is that the final truly lived up to the hype and audiences had a great time watching this entertaining game. Good things come to those who wait, Federer waited long enough for this day and the tears of joy are enough to prove this fact. He also said, “I would have been happy to lose tonight to Nadal”. What a humble legend. It was truly a fascinating final and congrats to both the players. Only a true Tennis fan can feel the joy of this victory.

If you haven’t watched the game yet, then go watch it right now. You can thank us later, but can’t help if you aren’t a great Tennis fan.

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