Famous People Who Couldn’t Stop Eating. Their Fit To Fat Transformation Is Shocking.

You must be surprised to know that some of the famous celebrities who look fat today, were not really overweight. Life can change or transform you at any point of time and the same thing happened with these famous celebrities. Be it the junk foods, unhealthy eating habits or a disease but these transformation will really shock you. Here we have collected the pictures of famous Hollywood celebrities who transferred from fit to dat. Even they have no idea what went wrong.

Here are the 12 famous people who went through a shocking fit to fat transformation.

1. Mariah Carey

Mariah is a singer, writer, actress and producer. She also went through a plastic surgery and completely changed herself, but she is making news about her weight gain.



2. Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry aka our own beloved Chandler Bing was once sent to rehab as he was fighting his drug addiction. Years passed and one more fit celebrity turned fat.


3. Kelly Clarkson

If you talk about fit to fat transformation, Kelly Clarkson tops the list. Kelly is the first winner of American Idol, she went through an absolutely shocking transformation.


4. Russel Crowe

Bam! Russel loves food but sometimes food doesn’t love you back.


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