IndiGo does it again: The Flight Attendants Were Caught Assaulting A Passenger

Recently the IndiGo Airlines is known for his controversies which is hampering the airlines’ image. An IndiGo traveler was limited and mistreated by the aircraft’s ground staff at the Delhi air terminal not long after a contention a month ago.In a widely shared video, the passenger who had landed in the national capital was physically prevented from boarding the coach by an airline staffer who was heard seconds earlier objecting to the passenger allegedly using abusive language.

The incident took place on 15th Oct when the passenger, Rajeev Katiyal, traveling from Chennai, and the staffer gets into a scuffle soon after; both sides are seen trying to punch the other in the video. IndiGo Airline Ground Staff mauls a traveler and sacks the worker who shot the video!

It takes a very long time to construct a brand’s notoriety and minutes of undesirable hostility to kill the brand name. No sooner the video became viral and was popular on Social Media. Frequent IndiGO travelers started trending on Twitter with #BoycottIndiGO. IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh said he had rung the traveler as well and apologized. Airlines were also seen apologizing on there Twitter Page.Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju has requested a report from the civil aviation watchdog.Further “violence of any sort is deplorable and should result in criminal action,” the minister said.


Here is the video link to the incident that has shocked the entire nation:

Surprisingly, the passenger Rajeev Katiyal has not made any statement after the incident and preferred to stay silent over the airline’s apology. However, do you think the apology is enough for this barbaric incident? Please leave your comment and Tag IndiGo Airlines in the comment section.



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