The Boa Snake Tried To Make A Porcupine Its Meal and It Turned Out To Be Really Painful!

We all have seen videos of animals eating other animals and getting satisfied. It’s very rare that an animal tries to it its prey and has to regret it later. Moreover, it can be really painful sometimes. It is simply the lack of self-control and nothing else.

There is only one simple rule followed in the animal kingdom – “Eat or get eaten”. However, it seems like this is an introduction to the new rule- “Eat and Repent”

We are referring to a Boa constrictor which is known to be a really poisonous snake who tried to eat a porcupine but the situation became terrible for it and it was really painful. No one knows the reason why the snake tried to hunt a porcupine when it could easily go for any other prey. Try to find out the reason after having a look at the pictures below.

The Prey

It looks like that the snake was too hungry and didn’t choose the prey wisely!

It was Painful


The pictures are taken in Brazil and snake looks in really painful condition.

Baby Crying

Yes, it was looking like a little baby crying for help.

Have a look at the video


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