‘The Mummy’ Movie Review – Watch It If You Are A Die Hard Fan Of Tom Cruise!

The Mummy is a good start to the Universal Studios Entertainment ‘Dark Universe’, a shared Marvel-style cinematic universe of classic movie monsters and what’s better than casting world’s most popular superstar Tom Cruise in it.

Every new film we see of Tom Cruise, our admiration for him touches a notch higher, such are his performances. The most dedicated and hard-working actor in the world. No matter if it’s an action or a horror film, he gives his 100% irrespective of what the genre is. And only Tom can look so cool fighting monsters on screen at the age of 54. He has done some crazy stunts mid-air, on land and under water without the use of wiring or stunt double in this film.


There’s a zero gravity scene in a plane mid-air which is absolutely breath-taking and my favorite scene from the film. While filming, Tom was offered the option to do this scene on a sound stage, but he insisted on filming the sequence in zero gravity. The sequence took 64 takes, 4 high-altitude flights and 2 days to shoot. Well, this is not the first time that he has performed such death-defying stunt in a film. In Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, he strapped himself to the side of a military plane, jumped off a 120-foot ledge, held his breath for 6 minutes to film an underwater scene and drove bike at 100 kph on hairpin turns through mountain roads. In Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, he scaled Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. Is there anything that Tom Cruise can’t do?

Final words:

Visually, The Mummy looks stunning. VFX and action set-pieces are exciting and well-crafted. Full marks to the technical team. My only concern is the humor part which I thought wasn’t required in a horror/monster film and it was too much at places. Overall The Mummy is entertaining with an engaging first half and a good second half. If you’re a Tom Cruise fan, then you should definitely go and see it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Tejan Shrivastava

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