Some Biggest Dog Breeds In The World That Every Dog Lover Would Like To Own!

The essay on “My Pet Dog” in school days started with a line ” A dog is a man’s best friend”. Yes, surely! But we weren’t taught in school about the size of dogs. You will be shocked to know that there are some of the breeds of dogs which have the body of size even larger than a lion. Sometimes, the height of a dog can be more than the average height of a human!

Here are some of the biggest dog breeds in the world you would want to own!

1. Neapolitan Mastiff

Biggest Dog Brreds


They generally remain silent but are highly intelligent. If you are going to pet a dog for the first time, it’s not for you!

2. Great Dane

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These dogs have a smooth body and they can jump with great reach. A treat to watch for the dog lovers.

3. Scottish Deerhound

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They have a size which is double the size of an American Pitbull and these dogs are extremely hardworking.


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