Social Media Goes Crazy Over A Kerala School Uniform And Calls It Vulgar.

In a country where your attire is always the reason for rape and harassment, you would think twice before trying something new. Recently a Facebook user shared a photo of Kerala School uniform which went viral overnight and it’s in news for all the wrong reasons. Many people called it vulgar and said that these uniforms shouldn’t be allowed in school as it’s provoking.

Do you think this uniform is provoking? Let’s look at the complete matter!

A school in Kerala is fighting a heated controversy online and it’s something to do with the design of the uniform. After being shared on Facebook, people called this uniform ‘vulgar’ and the school has received many complaints too. The teachers think the dress is well designed but there are some people who didn’t like it at all.

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This whole thing started when a photographer, Zachariah Ponkunnam, uploaded an image on Facebook of three girls wearing this school uniform. In the post, he said that the uniform was designed obscenely. The post went viral in just 2 days and many social media users commented on his post saying the uniform was obscene and inappropriate. Many users made vulgar comments and posted obscene memes.

This is how people reacted on this whole matter. Let’s take a look!

Do you think this uniform is inappropriate and shouldn’t be allowed in school? Share your thoughts in the comment down below.

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