Feeling Sad After Watching Team India’s Innings? Here Are The Tweets To Cheer You Up.

After defeating Pakistan in the league match we were so confident and started making memes and made fun of their English. But the underdogs performed really well and it doesn’t look like it’s the same team that played against us. They have completely transformed and they deserved to win this match. The big reason for today’s loss is the overconfidence. From Sehwag, Rishi Kapoor to all the social media users, we were highly confident that we are gonna win and all we had in us was arrogance, but it didn’t happen and we lost the match. Just after the match, Twitter and Facebook exploded and people started giving their opinions. And if you are feeling depressed after today’s match, you have come to the right place. These tweets and memes will surely cheer you up.

Here are the tweets and memes to make you smile!

1. It’s ok yar 🙂


2. Reason we lost today

3. Jadeja is the most hated man right now

4. Very true 😀

5. Yes please

6. Nahi dena tha

7. LOL

8. That Fakhar played well

9. True, right?

10. And we just realised Hockey is our national sport

11. True

12. Pandya stole the show

It’s ok guys, winning and losing is a part of a game. It’s just that we had a bday day. We still have a great team. We will be back much stronger.


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