Ever Wondered How The Famous Cartoon Characters Will Look Like As Grown Ups?

What is the unusual thing about cartoon characters? They never age and you don’t know how they are gonna look like as grown up adults. We all have grown ups but our childhood cartoon characters are the same and when we look at them, it makes us feel even older.

Here we have listed some fine recreations by an artist named Brandon Avant from Mississippi. He has been illustrating grown-up versions of our favorite cartoons and they all are so loving. This 29-years-old artist goes by avantb22 on Instagram and his recreations have got many likes and applaud from fans.

This is how the cartoon characters will look like as grown up adults. Take a look! 

1.  Kids Next Door

 2. Dexter’s Laboratory

 3. Looney Tunes in full hip hop style

4. The Jetsons

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