Before Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot Took Part In Miss Universe. Check Out The Pics!

How many of you know that Gal Gadot wanted to be a lawyer? Yes, she never wanted to be an actor and Wonder Woman is something that she never expected. Everyone is talking about Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman, people have gone completely mad about her and yes, she is pretty and doesn’t need makeup. Her fan following is increasing day by day and there is no stopping. People noticed her first in Fast & Furious series and after that, she became the Wonder Woman for DC movies. We saw her as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman and everybody loved her character. One year later, Wonder Woman released and it’s undoubtedly one of the best DC superhero movies we have seen. But before becoming Wonder Woman she took part in Miss Universe. Let’s look at the pictures!

Here are the pictures of Gal Gadot when she took part in Miss Universe. Take a look!

The Israeli actor caught people’s attention for representing Israel at the 2004 Miss Universe pageant. 

She was the winner of Miss Israel at the age of 18, the same year in which Tanushree Dutta represented India. 

Then she served mandatory two years in the Israeli army at the age of 20. 

After acting in Fast & Furious movies, she was auditioned for Wonder Woman without even knowing what was the role for. 

Watch: Gal Gadot stood on the Miss Universe stage in 2004 and won that pageant as Miss Israel.

She is not just attractive by her face but her voice is also attractive. She has an awesome speaking voice. Kinda deep and husky.

13 years later, now she is one of the top actresses in Hollywood and has got fans from all over the world. 

Image source: 9gag

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