American Horror Story Season 7 Just Got Even More Political!

Game Of Thrones airs on July 16, which means we soon will have to find another confusing and cryptic show to obsess over while we anticipate its season 7 premiere date: American Horror Story. (Isn’t it weird that two of the craziest shows are together in their seventh season?)

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And boy, is there a lot to mull over already in this new, super politically charged season. The title is not announced yet, but the overarching theme has been revealed. The show will tackle the nightmare that was the election of 2016, even airing footage of both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in the starting of the first episode. It’s been unclear how much of the season will focus on the election, but we do have one more piece of the pie thanks, toEntertainment Weekly, who discovered another minor (or major) subplot by monitoring set photos.

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It appears that the topic of immigration and the much-protested travel ban will be focused on for least one episode. Based on photos from one of the sets in Southern California, a group of extras is acting as protestors in the show holding signs that read “Immigrants Welcome.” In another photo, Sarah Paulson’s character is seen underneath the word: “Murderer.” From the looks of Paulson’s outfit, she definitely could be a politician who is against allowing immigrants into the town. Perhaps she is a major? A Trump supporter? And from the looks of Evan Peters’ own blue-haired character, we’d guess that he is part of the opposing party or group.
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This season is gearing up to be one of the most serious (and least playful) of Ryan Murphy’s previous supernatural-meets-nightmarish worlds because of much like The Handmaid’s Tale, it just hits way too close to home.



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