Unbelievable And Shocking Traditions From Around The World That People Still Follow.

We have come a long way and are away from the superstitious cultures and rituals, but still, there are various countries where people still have weird traditions that will shock you. From creepiest to unbelievable we have covered everything in the list. It seems these people value their traditions and won’t let the government take it away from them. Keep reading to know more about it!

Take a look at these 14 traditions from around the world!

1. Living with dead

Living with the dead is a common practice in Indonesia. They do it to wrap the deceased up in special garbs and keep it in the house. They think by doing this, the loved one’s soul will be preserved until burial.


2. Prowling for girls

In this culture a man doesn’t have a fixed date, and the s3xual encounters one has can be solo or a group of people. The intercourse is consensual and there are rare chances of a girl to become the victim of rape.


3. The Mardudjara, Australia

In this culture, a man’s private part is cut to achieve manhood. The first portion of this Mardudjara Aboriginal rite involves a barbaric circumcision followed by the circumcised male ingesting his own foreskin.


4. Hindu Thaipusam festival piercings

This festival is celebrated in Singapore amongst Hindu devotees. The devotees abstain themselves from eating with the belief that it will cleanse their bodies. People become a part of it with all kinds of body piercings. Some carry a milk pot too.


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