10 Places In The World You Are Not Allowed To See!

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6. Fort Knox, Kentucky

Fort Knox holds the US gold bullion reserve, as well as other national treasures. The vault is protected by 22-ton blast-proof doors and all visitors are forbidden.


7. Room 39

Room 39 in North Korea has been suspected that this top secret location is behind illegal counterfeiting. Only a few people know about what happens here.


8. The Lascaux Caves

This cave in France is covered with 17,300 year old paintings made by early humans, they depict animals and geometric shapes. It’s banned for the public since 1963.



9. Svalbard Seed Vault

This vault was built to store seeds that would be retrieved in the event of a huge environmental disaster. Even countries that lend seeds aren’t allowed to enter.


10. North Sentinel Island

This island has a small tribe of 50 to 400 natives. They are completely isolated and cut off from the world. The Indian Government declared it off limits and the entry is very challenging for outsiders. The tribal people have been known to fire arrows and throw rocks.


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