10 Places In The World You Are Not Allowed To See!

This world may be ours and we are allowed to visit several countries legally, but do you know that there are some places in the world that you are not allowed to see? Here we have listed 10 places in the world that are restricted for the public. Read it to believe it.

The 10 most restricted places in the world. Take a look!

1. Snake Island

This small Island in Brazil contains 4,000 of the world deadliest snakes. It’s so dangerous that Brazilian government has banned people from visiting this place.


2. The Queen’s bedroom

This is the most heavily guarded place and the bedroom is buried within Buckingham Palace. In 1982, a man named Michael Fagan broke into the bedroom and it was considered one of the biggest royal security breaches.


3. Area 51

Area 51 is a secret base in Nevada dessert and no one knows the real purpose of this base except the government. This place is restricted and surrounded by mines.


4. Club 33 at Disneyworld

Club 33, a secret feature of Disney parks has a 14-year long waiting list. And even if you managed to get on the list, the club requires a $40,000 initiation fee.


5. The Coca-Cola Vault

Another heavily guarded place in the world is the Coca-Cola vault. The place has a high-tech vault that holds the recipe. Only a handful of people actually knows the formula.


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