QED: A Vision

Let’s start the blog with a small question. If,


Without actually calculating ‘x’, show that

Okay, I know what many of you are thinking at being confronted with a question like this: what Earthly significance could such a problem possibly have?

Well, to be honest, none as far as I know, but its fascination for you provides excellent psychological insight into whether or not you should spend time on this blog. If the problem leaves someone confused, puzzled, or indifferent (maybe all three) then my advice to them would be to close this and to look instead for a good mystery novel, or perhaps, some traveling or food blog.

But, if your pen is already out and scrawled pages of calculations are beginning to pile-up on your desk, then by gosh you are just the sort of person for whom I am writing this blog. (If, after valiant effort you are still stumped but nonetheless just have to see how to do it—or if your pen simply ran dry—write to me on [email protected] )

For those who are still reading the blog, consider this,

One would have to be blind (as well as totally lacking in imagination) not to immediately suspect two things: 

This is exciting!! But but but, then you run the very first case, n=31, and you will get 1.57079632533. The last three digits are not in accord with our pattern. *OUCH*

In this blog (a YouTube channel is coming soon), we will be exploring things like:

  • How was Calculus invented (considering Newton didn’t just wake up one day with the idea of derivatives)?
  • How did we confirm that Earth revolves around the Sun?
  • How did we calculate the distance of Earth and Sun?
  • Why are almost all planets and stars spherical?
  • How did we calculate the mass of a black hole(I assume that you are aware of the fact that we didn’t take a weighing scale to weigh earth)

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