“You Are Best But Don’t Act Like God”: Sunil Grover To Kapil Sharma

 There were rumors around that there was a fight between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma which instantly got attention in social media and now it isn’t a rumor anymore. Sunil Grover shuts Kapil Sharma up in a single tweet. Before showing what Sunil said to Kapil we would like to share what Kapil Sharma posted on his Facebook account right after the fight.

Kapil Sharma’s post on Facebook


Kapil Sharma’s tweet:


Kapil’s multiple posts prove that though he raised his voice on Sunil Grover but he also knows that without him the show is nothing and he wants Sunil back in the show.

And this is how Sunil Grover responded to him on Twitter:


Kapil has also replied to his tweet saying,

“Thanks for making me realize that it was your show”: Sunil Grover to Kapil Sharma 

This tweet certainly puts the future of The Kapil Sharma Show in danger as we all know that Sunil Grover has more fans than Kapil Sharma. People watch the show only because of him. Yes, we agree that Kapil Sharma is funny with his witty one-liners but it’s Sunil Grover who is master of the show and performs each character religiously.

We all loved Kapil Sharma in his initial days. Most of us have seen his journey from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge to TKSS, but seems like popularity, stardom, and fame made him so proud of himself that he doesn’t realize what he was 7-8 years before coming on TV.

Dear so called comedian Kapil Sharma, this isn’t the first time you have insulted your crew members. You can’t say sorry every time after insulting a person. You may take your words back but realizing others everytime that they are just slaves in your show is disgusting and you should be ashamed of this behavior.

Do you guys think Sunil Grover will come back to the show? Let us know in the comment down below.


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