Women’s Day Is Just A Chutzaph. This Outrageous Women’s Day Wish By Kriti Sanon Is Enough To Prove This

Kriti Sanon on women's day

So the day has come when all the people will say nice things about women, gender equality, women’s contribution in our lives and blah, blah, blah. Top media pages and companies have already started doing promotion in the name of women, because it’s international women’s day, right? It’s time to get emotional for no reason and praise the women in your lives.

I’m not a feminist because,

kriti sanon on women's day

I remember a dialogue from a highly praised movie My Name Is Khan and that was “There are only two types of people; good people, bad people”. There are no such things as feminism, racism, sexism. These are the terms invented by humans. I feel proud to say that I’m not a feminist. You don’t really have to be. You don’t even have to respect a feminist, he sure can be a racist or sexist. Don’t just go with these big words. There are just two types of people; good people, bad people. This message can’t be any simpler.

Watch: Kriti Sanon’s outrageous women’ day wish

It’s more important to be a humanist than a feminist. Now after watching this video people might say that Kriti Was paid for this advertisement, it’s again a marketing agenda by the original uploader, but who cares? The message in this video is really important and there are facts that no one can change. yes, women are still unsafe and you have no rights to celebrate this day if you don’t look up to what really happens in your street. We logged on to our Facebook today and women’s day posts were already flooded in our timeline. It’s not something that is meant for only one day and then you forget about it. India is a country where 90% of the cities are still unsafe for women after 7 PM. It’s time to focus on these issues than clicking selfies and bragging about women’s day.

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