The answer to ” whatever happens, happens for a good sake!”

You will hear this line very often especially from all the optimist persons around your surrounding! However, it is just our perception that makes the difference. Just say to yourself ‘whatever happens, happens’ and see the wonders you will create. It’s all about the faith and confidence in yourself that something better is waiting for you, therefore, it didn’t happen.  

This reminds me of my father’s favorite line ‘you don’t loose a battle until and unless you lose it with yourself’. The game is still on and the show must go on! You should just have the belief yes I can and I will. If you fail to succeed your goals then for sure there’s something better hiding in the corner because whatever happens, happens for a good reason!


The limit exists only in our mind. Probably for all those people who are in this state of mind this video will certainly help you to draw a broader line and will give you the introspection if the saying is just a myth or true?

Watch: The simplest answer to all your doubts

Have you ever been in a situation where it feels like it’s the end of the world? Yes, you have and as a matter of fact, we all have been in this situation. If you ever feel low or think that you are never gonna get what you want, there is only one person who can get you out of this and that’s only YOU. Trust in yourself and always believe that “whatever happens, happens for a good reason”. That’s the only way you can say goodbye to your failures and think for a better future.

If you go back to your past you will realize whether it shaped it for a better sake or didn’t sink the way you wanted. Perhaps, you will be the best judge to answer this question and decide the mystery of this phrase.

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