Kong: Skull Island Movie Review. A Great Cinematic Experience!

kong skull island movie review

Some films are only meant to be seen and experienced on the big screen for its grand scale. Kong: Skull Island is one such film. Director takes no time in setting up the plot and showing us the full look of the main character Kong, the king of the jungle. I don’t know how many of you have seen King Kong (2005) but compared to that Kong size, this Kong is HUGE. It’s as huge as some of the tallest towers on the planet.

kong skull island movie review


Kong: Skull Island has a big production budget of $185 million. From helicopters soaring over landscapes to scenes of soldiers moving through jungles and fighting the monster creature, everything looks stunning. It has an interesting plot, incredible cinematography, beautiful color palette, crisp editing, great action set pieces, groundbreaking special effects, nice 3D effects, and background score. The film has a strong cast with the likes of Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson and they act pretty well. One of the reasons why this film is such a fun ride is because of the frequent monster appearances and the slow motion shots during the action sequences. Some of the slow motion shots are the coolest I have seen in a mainstream cinema.

Best Scenes:

*Helicopters vs Kong – The whole action sequence in the first half hour of the film is my personal favorite from the film.
*Humans vs Giant Lizards, Giant Spider – There are many scenes of intense action between the humans and the giant creatures that inhabit the island.
*Kong vs Giant Lizards – The most paisa vasool action sequence you can expect in a monster movie.

Rating: 4*/5* – A Stylish Monster Blockbuster!

I had good expectations from the film as I liked the trailer very much, but what come to me as a surprise is that the film is even way more epic than what I expected it to be. It’s fast-paced, intense at times, immensely action-packed, very much entertaining and edge of the seat CGI monster fest that one shouldn’t miss at any cost. WATCH IT ON THE BIGGEST SCREEN POSSIBLE.

Review by- TeJan Shrivastava

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