CONFIRMED: Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover Had A Massive Fight. You May No Longer See This Duo Together Again.

Just after introducing to his love of life, Kapil Sharma was trending on social media and other news channels, but for the wrong reasons. This all happened while coming back from Australia and a massive fight between Kapil and Sunil took place. Now some reports are claiming that Sunil Grover might quit the show and we are not kidding.


So, what actually happened on the flight?

According to a TOI report, It has been informed that Kapil fought with Sunil and raised his hand while returning from Australia. The whole crew was in Australia for a show but while returning the funniest crew didn’t really have fun. The report further states that Kapil Sharma also verbally abused Sunil and even held his collar. It is being said that Kapil was drunk at the time and he said, “Tu kaun hai, tu toh mera naukar hai, tera show flop tha.” to Sunil Grover. Kapil’s close friends report that he often loses his temper when he gets drunk.


Is Sunil Grover gonna quit the show?

This news was like a fire and took no time to get viral on social media and Kapil Sharma had to say something about it, so he opened up about this news a day after on his Facebook account. He said that they fight for good work. This isn’t the first time they have fought. They had another big fight on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil that made Sunil Grover quit the show. This assault might be the last one and Sunil Grover is likely to quit the show. He had already recorded for the weekend episode but he is not returning to the show. He is tired of hearing the same words from Kapil that he is the one who made Sunil Grover famous.


This is how Kapil Sharma reacted to the reports

Kapil is known for his spontaneous and witty responses and this post also seems very similar. Kapil said in the post, “Itna chalta hai and we fight for good work”. This confirms that they had a fight. According to him, it was the first time in 5 years that he shouted at Sunil and still love him. This post also shows that Kapil is trying his best to maintain the relationship, but this is not done Kapil. You are a good comedian because of your crew and team members, not only because of you. You should respect your team and their work.

The team is all set to shoot for the upcoming episodes, but it’s yet to be confirmed if Sunil Grover joins the show or not.

Do you think Kapil can make a hit show without Sunil Grover? Do let us know in the comment section.

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