Meet The New Taher Shah, His Cover Of The Song ‘Closer’ Has The Power To Put Human Survival At Risk.

Nasir Khanjan is the new social media sensation. Love him or hate him but it looks like he knows how to not give a f*ck to his critics. He has been uploading songs and videos in his Facebook and youtube account. Surprisingly he is getting a good response in terms of views but the people haven’t given him thumbs up yet. Dislikes are more than likes in his videos. Well, he doesn’t care about it and he is unstoppable. In today’s word, if you want fame then you have to do something stupid.

The new social media sensation: Nasir Khanjan

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Watch: The best cover of ‘Closer’ song you will ever see on the internet.

Nobody knows if he does it intentionally or is he really being himself? His closer cover is literally suicidal and watching him singing is absolutely a dare. In a very short period, he has created enough buzz for the people to talk about it. Nasir who has originally from Pakistan fears that he might get killed sometimes. The same thing happened with Qandeel Baloch if you guys remember. She was shamed and warned by many Pakistanis as they believed she was creating a bad image of Pakistan.

Khanjan, who is from largely a conservative mountainous region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), has been ridiculed for his videos. Khanjan believes that his videos are not against his culture of the Pashtun community. He has received numerous of offensive comments on his posts. According to a source, he said that he also receives the positive responses from those who find his videos funny.

The 30-year-old Khanjan said that his inability to get job forced him to come on social media and make some money for living. In an interview, he said, “I tried at various jobs and appeared for many interviews but got rejected every single time. I was even called for interviews but ended up being rejected every single time.”

Well, at least he is doing something for his living. What do you people think of this new social media sensation? Tell us in the comment down below.



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