Jolly LLB 2 Movie Review: Again A Perfect Satire On Indian Judiciary System

When Jolly LLB released in 2013, it couldn’t create the buzz in the early days but after getting positive word of mouth and thumb up by critics, it was considered to be the best movie based on Indian court drama. Now after 3 years Jolly LLB 2 has released and it already has taken a very stable start at the box office. Is it as good as the first part? Let’s find out.


*Spoiler free review*

Story: The storyline is pretty much same as the first part. A guy named Jolly(Akshay Kumar) who is from Kanpur and struggling to be a successful lawyer. Things change when Jolly get the case of a girl named Hina who is trying to get someone who can fight her case. Though the story was very predictable from the beginning but it manages the pace very well.

Acting: Akshay Kumar is once again incredible in the movie. He will remind you of Rustom Pavri. Anu Kapoor who is also a lawyer in the movie and he coordinates very well with Akshay Kumar. They share a good rapport. Saurabh Shukla continues the same character from Jolly LLB1. He is good, but in few scenes, he is trying way too hard to be funny. And last and also the least Huma Qureshi has absolutely nothing to do in the movie.

Review: Jolly LLB 2 is a fine movie and can be watched by family. It has ups and downs, though it takes minor hiccups in the beginning but the movie pace will make you forget the loopholes and focus on the story line. The story is same as first part of the franchise. A small town lawyer is fighting against the corrupt lawyers and the judiciary system. It’s a perfect satire on Indian judiciary system and the mockery is well balanced and makes sense too. At times it feels like the casts are trying too hard to be funny and it doesn’t look funny at all. The post interval part is good to watch.


1. Akshay Kumar has done a terrific job. His courtroom drama is fun to watch. He knows when he needs to be funny and when not to.

2. Anu Kapoor and all other actors have done a good job.

3. The Pace of the movie is good and it keeps you engaged.

4. The tone of the first film is very well maintained


1. Improper timing of songs.

2. The comic elements often seem that they are forced.

3. Sometimes movie goes very far away from realism.

4. Few loopholes and misleading screenplay

Verdict: Jolly LLB is not really a must watch, it can be missed but if you are planning to watch this weekend, you won’t regret it. It’s overall a good one-time watch movie. You will surely relate how Judiciary system in India works and that’s perfectly shown in the movie.


Rating: 3/5



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