All You Need To Know About Canada Immigration Process

Donald Trump has been voted as 45th president of U.S and ever since he came into action people are quite worried about their H1B work visa. According to the recent news, Donald Trump has increased the eligibility that an individual need to earn minimum 135,0000 USD annually from 65,000 USD. Apparently, Donald feels this will make “America great again”


Over the past decade, millions of immigrants have migrated to the United States for better life and opportunities. And moreover maximum have excelled in their life. However, on 28th Jan President Trump signed an executive order to suspend entries from seven countries- Sudan, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen. At the same time Canadian Prime minister didn’t even wait for a day and tweeted “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength“.

With this note, the Canadian immigration department has decreased there CRS score from 786 to 441 only and have decided to welcome more than 150,000 refugees this year from around the globe. So let’s migrate to Canada! ✈️

Here’s the checklist to file for immigration.

Get your ECA Report

In order to apply for Canadian immigration, you need to have a positive ECA report from WES (world education services). Probably, this will cost you around 238 CAD. Once the fees are paid you need to send all the original transcript to WES-Toronto office. For further information or to register yourself please check this link.

Second, the most important thing is the IELTS score

This is perhaps the most important phase and will decide the fate of your application. Make sure you score as much as you can in IELTS general test. Better marks will have the best chance to fasten the immigration process. And to get the best score there no other option than hard work because the wise man said: “hard work pays off “. You can either register for IELTS either through IDP or British Council. Both are equally good and hold equal importance.

Apply for Expression of Interest

Once you have an ECA report and IELTS scores ready you are good to go and file for EOI. Make sure before filling for EOI you should check this link and get and approximate CRS score. Anything above 420 is treated as good scores and considered as a potential candidate. Please note the EOI application remains only for 12 months in the queue and cut-off is revised after every 10-20 days.

Here comes the Invitation request.


If the CRS score clears the cut-off you will receive the formal invitation letter from the Government of Canada. This is often considered as a letter of intent from the immigration department. The rest is a formality that you have to go through i.e medical and police verification.

For further queries feel free to explore Canadian immigration website. Nevertheless, there is few province in Canada which also provide province sponsorship and immigration.

“The ball is in your court” now you have to decide which country you should migrate, either Canada or the United States?






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