Pune Infosys Employee Murdered At Her Workplace, Body Was Found Strangled With A Computer Cable.

Can It be any worse? When people say girls are not safe outside, it makes sense. But can you imagine someone getting murdered inside the office building? It’s the worst thing that can ever happen in a professional environment.

A 25-year-old woman named OP Rasila was found dead at her workplace in Pune Infosys office.


OP Rasila from Kerala was a system engineer. She was working all alone over the weekend on the ninth floor of Infosys’ in phase II of the Hinjewadi IT park near Pune when this incident happened. It was the 26-years-old security guard who committed this crime. Police caught him within hours. Footage from CCTV cameras helped police to track the security guard. He was arrested in Mumbai on Monday as he was trying to escape from police and was planning to go back to his hometown.


An employee said Rasila already had warned the security guard for staring at her, and she threatened him to complain to the authorities. She came to the office on her week off at 2 pm on Sunday. She was doing her work with her two teammates, who were working online with her from Bangalore office. All the events were captured on CCTV camera.

Rasila took a short break from work and when she was coming back to her workplace, the security guard followed her, though he wasn’t authorized to enter in office. Inside, they had an argument, and when she refused to back off, the guard pulled her hair, hit her in the face and strangulated her with a networking cable. He also took her access card with him and stayed in the office for a while. His colleagues said that there was no fear on his face and he was looking relaxed. The next day he planned to escape and got arrested in Mumbai.

This is what Infosys tweeted after the incident:

A police officer said that he planned to kill himself after murdering the employee and went to the terrace, but he was stopped by another guard. Later he made a phone call to his mother and confessed her what he had done. Her mother asked her to surrender to the police but he decided to flee.

When Rasila’s colleagues came to her workplace, they found her with a computer cable around her neck. They took her to the hospital but she was dead by then.

This is the second incident in Pune in two months. Another female IT professional was stabbed to death in December 2016. And in December 2015 a woman working as a cashier in a canteen at Infosys campus was raped by two men.

The safety of female employees has always been a big concern in the past few years. Few months before the same incident happened at a railway station in Chennai where Swathi, 24 was hacked to death.

There are still many IT companies where female employees work till late night and they still don’t have cab facilities and even if they do, there were many incidents reported where the cab drivers and guards were found guilty of harassing the employees. Recently several processes have been outsourced from U.S to India and because of the time difference employees are forced to work like robots, they have to compromise their social lives. And there are many leading IT companies in our country that seem to be ignorant about the health and safety concerns of employees.

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