Kaabil Vs Raees: Check Out The Reviews To Know Which Movie Is Kaabil Enough To Impress The Audiences.

Two of the much talked and hyped movie released yesterday. It’s certainly one of the biggest clashes in Bollywood ever and both the mega stars badly need a clean hit. Mohenjo Daro and Fan movie were a complete disaster and did an awful business. While SRK traveled all the way from Mumbai to Delhi, Hrithik also appeared in several reality shows. From the yesterday shows and user reviews, we have found that both movies aren’t any bad but one of them is surely better than the other one.


In the internet world, it has become so difficult to find an honest and genuine review as there are PRs, die hard fans, haters that end up confusing the neutral cinema lovers. Well, we have gathered the reviews from all the critics and fan so it would be easier for you to decide.

Let’s take a look at Raees’ reviews first:


Gulfnews: 3/5

Raees is an engaging movie but it has some negatives too. The twists in the second half are ridiculous. But the climax has a punch and that misgiving — ‘where is this film going?’ — is erased. While it doesn’t make you too happy, it does have some good moments to look forward.

Taran Adarsh : 4/5

The director of the movie is not really famous to make a commercial film. But he has done some good work with RAEES. The movie moves seamlessly from romance to cop collide. Both SRK and Dholakia knows that the stakes are high. He has maintained the realism in the movie, but most importantly he makes sure that SRK’s fans aren’t disappointed. He has done justice with the writing material and extracting bravura performances from all the casts of the movie. The first hour passes at a feverish pace, making you excited for the second half. But then the problem comes. The pace of the movie slackens right after the intermission and few sequences act as spoilers. Thankfully it leads to a hight voltage climax.

Indicine : 3.5/5

The director has made a palatable and almost family friendly version of a gangster genre movie. It isn’t the most refined version and does not work all the time, but It has got a swagger about it which hasn’t been seen in Bollywood for some time. It’s a throwback to the 70s angry young man, and quite surprisingly works out like a movie from that era. Pre-interval moves at a fine pace, but the second half slackens when movie shifts on the Robinhood Raees. It does suffer from the post interval lull syndrome, but the climax saves the movie to an extent.

TOI: 3.5/5

SRk has never looked so better; he’s packed with fury and for once, isn’t spreading his arms and delivering romantic lines, but breaking others’. The movie lies completely on his shoulders and he has done the justice most of the times. When he couldn’t, Nawazuddin steps in with his mind blowing performance. Nawaz has given some comic relief while playing the Tom to SRK’s Jerry. Mahirah is only in the songs and a few emotional scenes. The movie can feel long, but if you’re going to see SRK’s performance and good popcorn-entertainment. You are good to go.

Indian Express: 2.5/5

The director knows his Gujarat and That was clear in his ‘Parzania ‘ movie. The riots that happened in Mumbai and Gujarat, have a seriously anodyne feel. And the predictable storyline adds negative points to the movie. Mahira Khan, too is not as good. Bollywood and it’s same flicks just sinks and all the slo-mos too. Strictly one-time watch.

Deccan chronicle: 2/5

Rahul Dholakia made a good attempt to make an entertainment for the masses but gets confused between story-telling and making a film for SRK. The pace of the film in the second half is very slow. Pre-interval looks promising to offer an interesting chase in post interval but fails to impress. Weak plot is the biggest hiccup of the movie. The political angle of the movie made it more complicated. It is a typical 70’s movie but in year 2017, it honestly doesn’t excite much.

Rajeev Masand: 3/5

Evidently inspired by the story of Abdul Latif, the liquor kingpin of Gujarat. it’s a well-made film that benefits from director’s keen eye for atmospheric detail. Although it crammed with too much plot in it, and the overlong screenplay that could’ve better, the film nevertheless offers something good to enjoy.

Book My Show: 81% , 30k votes (last updated: Jan 26, 12PM)


1. SRK is in a great form

2. Nawaz is a stellar with his lines

3. The dialogues

4. First half look promising


1. The second half is dragged

2. The plot doesn’t have unique and interesting twists

3. Few over the top actions

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