Things To Learn From Imtiaz Ali’s Movies.

Imtiaz Ali is probably the best director we have in Bollywood. All of his movies are truly inspiring and the way he narrates the story is really amazing. Everybody became a fan of him after Jab We Met, and after that, he kept on doing great films. And today if we talk about the best directors in the industry, he surely gets to be on the top for many reasons. I, as an absolute movie buff, always get excited whenever his movie releases. His movies not only make an impact on us but also teach us many valuable life lessons.

Here are the things we have learned from Imtiaz Ali’s movies.

1. Always be yourself

No matter how hard people try to change you, if you truly enjoy your own company, then you don’t really have to worry what others say about you. It’s important to love yourself. Without you being happy, it’s hard to make others happy. Geet is the best example we can take here.


2. Listen to your heart

When Ayushman dumps Geet, she joins a school as a teacher and spends a miserable life there. She goes through a very hard time and when Aditya finds her, she agrees to go and talk to Ayushman. While Ayushman is sure about this time and truly wants Geet, but on the other hand, Geet realizes that she is no more in love with Ayushman. Even though it’s the last minute, questioning yourself before taking a big step isn’t that bad at all.



3. It’s possible that a stranger can care for you more than your so called family members

Highway deals with the mentality of most of the upper-class family in India. Alia Bhatt is one rich girl in the story and she is about to get married. Soon she gets kidnapped and meets some goons who are trying to make some money. When Alia returns to her house and tells everyone how she fell in love with the guy who kidnapped her, they tell her to stay quiet as it will create a bad image in the society. Then Alia speaks how her own family members have tried assaulting her and all this fake love is just for showing off, and never let her live a life of her own.


4. A broken heart goes through a hell lot of things

Rockstar is a story of a man who is trying to follow his dream but never got any luck. Later his heart gets broken by a girl who is not from his society and has some high standards. He loses himself in the love of that girl and turns into a broken man. Only a broken heart could connect with this amazing movie.


5. Life is all about finding the purpose of life

Tamasha is yet again a brilliant work by Imtiaz Ali. He has shown how a middle-class man and most of the Indians spend their whole lives in 9 to 5 job. They aren’t happy, they are following a regular routine but why are they all doing that? Once Steve Jobs said, ” If you don’t like what you are doing at work, then you will eventually get bored.” This is what exactly happens with Ranbir Kapoor. He is tired of living in a plastic world where all are interested about a person’s status. The movie hits you right when Ranbir Kapoor finds the hidden talent in himself. We all have unique talents but we never realize our true potential and end up living a life that we had never thought. If you have to live your dreams, you gotta compromise the comfort of life.


6. The concept of arrange marriage in our society 

The movie ‘Socha Na Tha’ was like a fresh breath of air. The movie is all about the concept of arrange marriage in our society and how most of the youngsters today are making their lives complicated for no reason.



7. Our generation is not different from our parent’s generation when it comes to love and breakup

Another amazing movie, ‘Love Aaj Kal’ dealt with the concept of break up. Today’s generation is not very different from our parent’s generation when it comes to breakup and moving on. It was depicted brilliantly by Imtiaz Ali. No matter how fast-paced and relax our generations are, true love concept will be always there. And when you find one, it’s all same. Better ask your parents about it :p


So what do you think of his movies? Tell us which is your favorite movie in the comment down below. I hope Imtiaz Ali comes with some more amazing movies. The industry is truly blessed to have him.

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