Pokemon Go Fever Is Fading. It’s No More An Addiction Now

Data collected by market researchers shows engagement, daily users and time spent on the app per day

Pokemon Go play has peaked and is already in decline trend, according to investment adviser Axiom Capital Management.
The daily active users, downloads, and time spent on the app each day are decreasing day by day, according to data, collected by Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey and Apptopia.
According to researchers, it was the hype and lack of smooth functionality in the app that resulted in this fall. “The Google Trends data is already showing declining interest in Pokemon Go,” he concludes.

Initially, when Pokemon Go released it surpassed famous games, such as, Candy Crush, Clash Of Clans, Angry Birds etc. It had the highest no. of downloads in just couple of weeks, later it started falling and it’s already seeing people losing interest in the augmented reality game. A few weeks later, a news came out that Harry Potter was also going to launch their new augmented reality game. It would be fun to play Harry Potter game too. But once it does, it will give a problem to Pokemon Go as it’s already in a downfall and the release of a new game will create a huge impact and financial loss for this game. McDonald’s has already made a deal with Pokemon Go and all the McDonald’s in many countries are pokestops where fans can go and get the pokeballs and other amazing stuff.

Well. I have quit Pokemon Go game but there are still other people who still find it interesting. You know sometimes it’s better to sit at one place and play the game. Pokemon Go isn’t really made for lazy people. Are you still playing Pokemon Go, and do you think there should be some changes before it completely loses the players? Please comment down below.

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