M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story Review

MSD The Untold Story has released but did it meet the expectation? See the critics rating below


Koimoi : 3.5/5

What’s Good: Sushant Singh Rajput ably pulls off his act as Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Neeraj Pandey promises to suck you into Dhoni’s world from the word go!
What’s Bad: A languid pace of the first half is a problem. Also, a 3 hour run-time could have been avoided by cutting down on the whole love angle.
Loo Break: Strictly interval!
Watch or Not?: Definitely watch! For all Dhoni fans, this film will be a treat.

Book My Show : 86% (19,228 votes)

Users Rating @BookMySow : 4.6


Indian Express : 2/5

This film had potential to present us with the recent Indian cricketing story, warts and all. Sadly it’s more hagiography than biography: the cricketer is reduced to a being singing-dancing Bollywood hero rather than a top-flight cricketer, a master strategist, and a captain who led from the front. True champions have that edge that no one else does: on that score, the real-life Dhoni hits it out of the park, every single time. Too bad the reel Dhoni gets stumped just when he is getting started.

NDTV : 2/5

 M S Dhoni – The Untold Story, cinema’s equivalent of vanity publishing, tom-toms Dhoni’s achievements in life and in the game and recaps Indian cricket’s recent history with the wicket keeper-batsman occupying the prime position. Neither makes for particularly memorable cinema moments. These are anyways too fresh in the public memory to bear repetition, even in widescreen, colour-spangled glory. Watching M S Dhoni – The Untold Story is like being subjected to two films – that is the kind of strain it inflicts. The time that it takes to play out – 190 minutes – is roughly the playing hours of a Twenty20 match. The latter is pure slam-bang. Dhoni’s life on the big screen is a long, tiring ambulation through boredom.

India Today : 3/5

MS Dhoni The Untold Story doesn’t address any grey areas in Dhoni’s life. The film shows his quite well-known decision to drop Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman from the Indian team, but stops short of pronouncing the names. Dhoni mentions ‘these three players need to be dropped’ to the selection committee. That’s it. No names. No discomfort. No controversy. No rubbing people the wrong way. Because when you’re making a biopic, there’s probably an unwritten rule filmmakers in India swear by: don’t go into troubled territories. The film, however, is set to score more than a century at the box office. We want to see heroes on screen. We want to see victory on screen. And when it’s got cricket and MS Dhoni as the subject, who cares about problems in a film. Watch it, get out.

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